Disaster Recovery

If you have suffered from a disaster, Pinnacle Technical Solutions can help

While cyber security is a newer issue for businesses and individuals, it’s still a prominent fixture in daily life. Much of our life is conducted online, and we hold a lot of faith in the systems that keep our data safe. However, unfortunately, breaches do happen. All is not lost when you’re faced with a cyber disaster, though. Here’s how we can help.

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Data Center Recovery

Pinnacle Technical Solutions is a colocation data center with IT services in West Virginia. We specialize in helping businesses and individuals recover from cyber disasters, whether they were caused naturally or via calculated attack. We offer several services, including power monitoring and access control systems, that keep your cyber security strong.

Back Ups

Backups are fundamental features to cyber systems. If you do not back up your files regularly, you’re at risk for losing them after a power outage or natural disaster. While external hard drives are helpful in some situations, more complex systems require dedicated server protection and data protection to survive or recover from disasters.

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Advancements in technology allow us to essentially duplicate your working systems. If you’re affected by a disaster, you can utilize these replicas to your advantage. Virtualizations automate the recovery process, ultimately leading to less lost productivity. However, these virtualizations need to be updated frequently so they can be most effective.

Instant Recovery

In some instances, our disaster recovery plan can help with instant recovery. Of course, this is circumstantial. When effectively implemented, instant recovery takes a snapshot of an entire system. This, in turn, can help recover lost data that was compromised during the disaster.

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Planning ahead for cyber disasters ensures that your systems are taken care of before problems occur. A solid disaster recovery plan covers all bases, ultimately providing strong cyber systems for years to come. If you have been affected by a cyber attack, or you want to create a disaster recovery plan, please contact Pinnacle Technical Solutions today.