World-Class Facility

Our trained staff includes facility and electrical maintenance engineers, data center operations experts, network architects and security officers committed to providing 24/7, 365 support for our facilities.

    Data Infrastructure

We can meet the growing demands with highly scalable data, power, cooling, compliance, and security solutions now and into the unforeseeable future.


The data requirements you need to ensure the availability, security, reliability, and redundancy of your critical data is always changing. NO matter what your requirement, we will scale our solutions to fit your needs.

Our Solutions

Fully Customizable Colocation Rack Space

Scalable Data Solutions

Industry Leading Security

Redundant Power Generation

Robust Cooling and Environment Controls

Why Choose Us?

  • 24 / 7, 365 secured access
  •  Cisco powered, Cisco-certified core network
  • Scalable facility to meet your future growth needs
  • Specialized collocation solutions to meet your requirements
  • Customizable half rack and full rack secure enclosure spaces available
  • Real-time visibility – customer portal presents comprehensive views into the performance of your service components providing the needed visibility control for your business applications