Benefits of a Colocation Data Center

Pinnacle Technical Solutions Can Help With Your Colocation Data Center Needs

Colocation data centers make your business life easier by housing your equipment in a safe and secure environment. The benefits to your business are immense. Pinnacle Technical Solutions offers these benefits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Allow them to safeguard your business while you concentrate on the day-to-day tasks necessary for any successful company.

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Increased Security

A colocation data center offers security in two ways. First, physical security is of utmost importance, ensuring that your equipment is safe from natural disasters. Second, your system must receive constant monitoring from cyberattacks. Pinnacle Technical Solutions provides both types of security, so you can rest assured that your data is safe from physical and cyber threats.

Room for Growth

When choosing a colocation data center for your business needs, you should ensure that the facility will grow with you as your company grows. Data requirements are constantly changing. However, you can have peace of mind that our data center will provide the technical solutions you need for your growing company.

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Greater Reliability

The use of redundant power sources ensures that your system will continue functioning, even in the case of a prolonged power outage. We operate multiple power supplies through backup generators and have protection from surges and overheating. This protection can be reassuring when you think of the cost to your bottom line and reputation if an in-house system fails.

Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Disasters do happen, but when you utilize a colocation data center, they have systems in place to get your business back online in less time. By efficiently running backup protocols on your data, we stay ahead of disasters before they happen. We also have virtualization services that essentially duplicate your working systems, allowing you to use these replicas to your advantage.

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There are many benefits to utilizing a colocation data center. Pinnacle Technical Solutions knows that your data is your most important asset. That is why we want to work with you to find solutions to your security needs. Contact us to find out what we have to offer your company.