4 Ways to Minimize Your Risk of a Cyber Attack

Protect yourself from hacking and illegal access

If you or your business have never been a victim of cyber-attacks, count your blessings. However, don't think you can maintain your immunity forever. Cyber-attacks have increased because the perpetrators have gained an edge and are highly motivated. They will take advantage of the lax security procedures that leave financial resources and key data at their mercy. Let's take a look at some of the ways the business can minimize the risk of cyber-attack.

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Tighten Your Security System

The security system and software you have in your organization should include guidelines on how to maximize the security protocols in place. Some of the steps to take for a tighter security system include turning off unnecessary services or using the lowest privileges settings to prevent illegal access. Users should also know these steps to apply them effectively.


A hacker does not need much to make their way into a security system. All it takes is a small gap. This is why it is vital to maintain regular scans of the systems. Also, keep the software updated with patches. Interestingly, you can hire an ethical hacker to analyze flaws and vulnerabilities of the digital systems, networks, and system infrastructure.

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Protect Outbound Data

In the same way, you protect your security system from malware and bots with a firewall. You should ensure specific data never leaves the system. An effective security procedure should focus on egress filtering, which will prevent rogue employees from making honest mistakes. They could release sensitive data and malicious software from the network.

Use Strong Passwords

A majority of organizations implement password policies aimed at guaranteeing strong passwords. One area that should be considered more is the local administrator's password. Some organizations use the same password as the one used on their servers. A hacker can then easily breach the whole system and use the information to wreak havoc on the organization and its digital systems.

Every organization should ensure they create a disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery team will help identify potential risks, the critical applications and processes, and the specific backup procedures should a disaster take place. The data protection and backup plan should also include how it will be implemented and the key responsibilities for each individual. Make sure to test the DRP continually as disasters and emergencies evolve.

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The best plan for a secure organization is planning and predicting what a hacker will be after. This means learning and understanding the main vulnerabilities that a hacker can take advantage of. You can minimize your risk by knowing your system. Contact Pinnacle Technical Solutions today to learn more about cyber security and tech solutions.